Ayurvedic Herbal Enema Kit

Herbal Enema KitThe herbal enema, or Basti as it is known in Ayurveda, is the number one treatment for all Vata imbalances such as constipation, chronic gas, dryness, anxiety, restless mind, insomnia and other sleep issues.  The herbal enema is also used during cleanses to flush toxins specifically from the colon, clearing out any blockages.  Basti is an amazing way to absorb herbs, as it is administered directly into the colon for absorption.  The traditional formula used in the Basti or herbal enema is known as Dashamula, the Ayurvedic “ten roots” formula and is included in the kit.  Basti can be performed during a cleanse for best results, but can also be done as a weekly or monthly treatment for various disorders.

  This complete Ayurvedic Herbal Enema kit comes with:
  • Enema bag and tube (can be reused up to 5 times)
  • 100% Organic Dashamula formula (2 oz bag)
  • Complete and detailed instructions for proper administration   
Actions and Indications:
  • Treats all Vata imbalances
  • Relieves gas and bloating
  • Treats constipation issues
  • Reduces anxiety, fear and worry
  • Calms a restless mind
  • Benefits insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Treats all Nervous System disorders
  • Reduces dryness in the system
  • Flushes out toxins from the colon
  • Clears blockages in the colon

Contraindications: The herbal enema is best when used under the treatment of a knowledgeable Ayurvedic Practitioner.  Enemas should not be administered if there is any bleeding occurring in the colon area or if hemorrhoids are present.  They should not be administered directly before or after food, and only light meals should be taken on the day of use.  It is not recommended to perform the herbal enema in excess as this can become more harmful then good if overused or misused.        


  • Herbal Enema Kit: $15.00  
  • Enema bag separate: $7
  • Dashamula powder separate: $6 per ounce

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