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How to Perform a Kitchari Cleanse

kitchari cleanseThe Kitchari cleanse is a very mild version of the traditional “Pancha Karma” cleanse and can be safely performed at home with minimal guidance.  This particular cleanse is suitable for all body types, as it can be modified to fit everybody’s individual needs.  This cleanse consists of taking in a mono-diet of the classical Ayurvedic dish, Kitchari, which will allow the digestive system to take a much needed break, giving it new light and the ability to properly flush out toxins in the system.   Continue reading »

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Everything you need to know about Nasya

Nasya Oil applicationNasya is the administration of herbal medicine through the nasal passage.  According to Ayurveda, the sinus cavity is the gateway to our consciousness, prana vayu and the Nervous System.  Nasya is one of the five main cleansing therapies in Pancha Karma, the traditional Ayurvedic detoxification program; but also is used for daily administration as part of a healing Ayurvedic routine.  Nasya is typically done using an herbal infused oil such as sesame, ghee or coconut, but also can be done using medicated milk, fresh juice of herbs, and decoctions.  Nasya is used to treat a wide range of disorders including mental-emotional imbalances, memory issues, high stress levels, sleep issues, chronic sinus issues, prana disorders, chronic headaches or migraines, stiffness in the neck, jaw or shoulders; eye, ear and throat disorders; epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, sexual debility and any residual doshic imbalance after cleansing treatments. Continue reading »

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The Four Types of Agni

fireThe digestive fire (aka Agni), according to Ayurveda, is such a dynamic concept, it is stated to be the main determiner of one’s energy, vitality and well being. One’s overall digestion is likely to determine the overall health of that individual. Continue reading »

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Ask Ayurveda: Why is Food Combining so Important?

fruitDear Ask Ayurveda:

I have been learning about Ayurveda for a year or so now.  I think I am a Vata type.  I have learned a lot about eating for my constitution, along with other healthy Ayurvedic practices that I try to follow.  I have suffered from a weak digestion for many years, although the changes I have made through Ayurveda have helped me dramatically so far!  I have recently heard that Ayurveda puts a lot of emphasis on Food Combining.  I have tried to incorporate the little I know about this, but I am still confused and left a bit flustered.  Continue reading »

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An Ayurvedic View on Food Combining


imagesThe root cause of most diseases and conditions today stems from a weak digestive fire and a build-up of toxins throughout the body.  Among the major causes of these toxins, improper food combining is at the top of the list.  Continue reading »

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The Six Tastes of Ayurveda and their Essential Role on our Health

tonguetasteAccording to Ayurveda, we have access to six different tastes in our food, drinks and herbal medicine.  These tastes include Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent (spicy), Bitter and Astringent.  It is vital for our health that we get a balance of each taste in our daily diet and specifically each meal.  Why is it so important to get all of these flavors in our diet?  Each flavor possesses different properties, actions and health benefits while also playing an essential role in the digestive process.    Continue reading »

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11 Ways to Increase Healthy Ojas

ojas4Ojas is the biological energy that represents the most subtlest form of Kapha dosha and the water element of the body.  This vital essence plays a direct role in our energy, strength, immunity, libido and vitality.  Therefore if we are lacking in any of these areas, it is likely that the Ojas in the body may be depleted or disturbed.  Healthy Ojas is needed in the body to reduce signs of aging and protect against disease.  A person with “good” Ojas, tends to have a healthy, luminous glow.  They are patient, compassionate and rarely become sick.  Continue reading »

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