Pitta-Balancing Products

High Pitta often stems from excessive fire or heat in the body and the mind (did someone say hot temper?).  If your Pitta is out of balance, you may be experiencing such symptoms as anger, irritation, stress, inflammation, liver issues, hot flashes, hyperacidity, loose stools, heartburn, rash, acne, eczema or psoriasis.  The products listed on this page are all geared to reduce these unwanted heated symptoms, bringing you balance in your daily life.

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Ayurvedic Kits

Pitta-Balancing Kit

The Pitta-Balancing Kit contains all of our most potent Pitta-reducing products in one powerful package.  This all-inclusive kit is perfect for anyone with a strong Pitta imbalance such as excessive heat in the system, inflammation, hyperacidity, liver issues, skin conditions, rash, acne, excessive anger, “hot” temper or hot flashes.  It contains herbal tea, digestive spices, medicated ghee, medicated oil and a tongue scraper; all formulated to treat Pitta and its long list of imbalances.    

Herbal Teas


COOL DOWN tea is a cooling and refreshing herbal tea blend designed to reduce heat in the body, calming Pitta imbalances such as inflammation, anger, irritation, liver issues, acne, eczema and hyperacidity.  It is naturally caffeine-free, but works on awakening the mind and intellect while balancing the emotions.  Naturally energizing, this tea blend is cleansing, cooling, rejuvenating and balancing to both the body and mind.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free

OM Shanti Tea

This cooling, simple and serene blend of herbs is designed to relax an over stimulated nervous system while opening the mind and enhancing the intellect and memory. A refreshing medicinal tea for the body, mind and soul.  100% Organic and Caffeine-Free  

Digestive Spice Blends

Pitta Churna

This mixture of freshly ground, organic spices has been formulated to treat all Pitta digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, inflammation in the GI tract and loose stools.  Pitta Churna can be added to any savory dish to balance the digestive fire, reduce excessive heat and inflammation in the GI tract, prevent hyperacidity and burn toxins.

Herbal Formulas

Mahasudarshana Churna

This cooling, bitter herb mixture is one of the most healing traditional formulas for pacifying Pitta, reducing inflammation, cleansing the blood and fighting infection.  Mahasudarshana can be taken as needed during times of high Pitta, high toxins, imbalanced digestion, infection, chronic inflammation or any symptoms of excessive heat. 

Svastha Super Greens

This cooling blend of green algae and green herbs will provide you with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while utilizing digestive spices to ensure complete absorption of the nutrients.  A great daily tonic to increase energy levels and overall vitality, while reducing heat and inflammation in the body.  Add to water, juice or smoothies!

Medicated Ghee

Tikta Ghrita

Also known as “Bitter Ghee”, this traditional medicine is a typical panacea for cleansing therapies, especially when relating to the liver, spleen, gallbladder, blood, pancreas and GI tract. This cooling ghee is useful in all Pitta imbalances such as inflammation, acne, rash, hyper-metabolism, hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, arthritis, and liver disorders.   

Medicated Oils

Pitta Massage Oil

A unique and cooling formula to reduce excess Pitta in the body. Great for inflammation, arthritic symptoms, acne, rashes, heated emotions (i.e. anger, irritation, criticism) and skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.

Digestive Honey Infusion

Pitta Honey Infusion

This herbal infusion has been formulated specifically to help balance the digestive fire of those with a Pitta digestive imbalance. Reduces symptoms such as acid reflux, heartburn, “cranky hunger”, inflammation in the GI tract, loose stools, hyper-metabolism and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).


Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Tongue scraping is an essential part of any healthy Ayurvedic routine.  Traditionally Pitta types are recommended to use a stainless steel or silver tongue scraper.  This simple practice will help you freshen the breath while removing toxins from the system, awakening vital organs and stimulating digestion each morning.

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