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Ojas-Increasing Energy Balls (a no-bake recipe!)

Ojas Increasing Energy BallsSummer has arrived and with the heat already in the high 90’s here in Boulder, I thought trying out a healthy, no-bake recipe is exactly what is needed!  But as with all of my recipes, I further thought that creating an Ayurvedic version of the energy ball could be a great experiment.  What I discovered was a simple, nourishing and irresistible recipe filled with Ojas-increasing ingredients (coconut, almonds, ghee, etc), digestive spices to balance out the heavy, cold and raw qualities of this recipe, and an added bonus of Ashwagandha Root, one of Ayurveda’s most well know energy-enhancing, rejuvenative herbs. Continue reading »

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Ojas-Increasing Oatmeal Recipe

healthy oatmeal recipeOjas, according to Ayurveda, is the biological energy that is responsible for our energy, vitality, longevity, immunity, softness and glow. During the fall and winter seasons, Vata tends to increase, depleting Ojas in the body and leaving one fatigued, unmotivated, dried out and prone to sickness.  If you are suffering from feelings of depletion, this recipe is a great way to start to regain your vitality for the fall and winter to come. Continue reading »

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