Vata Diet Chart

spicessIf you are of a Vata constitution or else have a strong Vata imbalance, then here is a chart that will help you to decide which food types to consume and which ones to avoid.  Since Vata is related to the air and space elements in the body, these favorable foods will help calm the nervous system and reduce excessive fear, anxiety, gas, bloating and constipation.  Vata is most agitated in the fall and early winter months, making these food guidelines most vital during this time of year.

Read my related post on a Vata Pacifying Diet to gain more insight on how to control symptoms of high Vata such as nervous system agitation, restless mind, insomnia, dry skin, gas and constipation.

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Click here to print our Vata Food Chart.

Vata Dietary Chart

Click here to print our Vata Food Chart.
Try our Vata-Balancing Kit!
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