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Agni Churna

Agni Churna


Agni, meaning fire in Sanskrit, is the key to proper digestion and ultimately good health. This blend of traditional Ayurvedic spices will help kindle the digestive fire without creating too much heat in the body. This tasty mix can be added to any entree including rice, sautéed veggies, soups, stews, lentils, dahls and meat dishes. This spice mixture adds flavor, enhances digestive fire, increases the absorption of nutrients, and prevents gas and bloating.



  • Enhances the digestive fire
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients
  • Prevents gas, bloating and indigestion
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cleansing to the GI tract, liver and blood
  • Adds a unique and delicious flavor to soups, stews, sautés and casseroles


None. This is a balancing and gentle spice blend for all to enjoy.  Agni Churna can be used as a culinary spice during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding to help increase digestion and absorption of nutrients.

General Directions

Add 1-3 tsp of Agni Churna to any dish, preferably during the cooking process. It is most recommended to sauté this spice mixture in ghee or oil before adding it to a dish, as this will enhance the flavor. The amount needed will vary depending on the size of the dish and the pallet of the individual. Play around with a smaller amount to begin (1 tsp) and add more as desired.


Haridra (Turmeric), Shunti (Ginger), Fennel, Jirak (Cumin), Dhanya (Coriander), Krishna Jirak (Black Cumin), Methi (Fenugreek), Ela (Cardamom), Ajwain, Pippali (Indian Long Pepper), Marich (Black Pepper), and Black Mustard Seed

**Made with freshly ground, 100% organic ingredients


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