Improper Food Combining Remedies

food combiningSo, my last article on the guidelines of proper food combining may have been a bit discouraging to some folks.  Believe me, when I first learned about these “food rules”, it took me a while to accept many of them as well.  Maybe my biggest initial heartbreak was the elimination of yogurt in my fruit smoothies.  I have since gotten over this loss, and I must mention, feel much better after my smoothies now as a result!

Despite the importance of proper food combining, I have decided to add this article for several reasons.  The first is in the hope you do not get overwhelmed by all the rules of food combining, since there are indeed many!  Second is the idea that none of us are perfect and we can’t possibly practice these guidelines 100% of the time.  Besides, what fun is life without breaking the rules once and awhile!  So read up and find some intelligent ways to play around a little!

Tips to Lessen the Effect of Improper Food Combining:

  1. Naturally having a strong agni, or digestive fire, will help aid in the digestion of improper food combining and reduce potential toxic build-up.
  1. Having an occasional poor food combination will not have as detrimental effects compared to eating the combination on a consistent basis.
  1. Eating in moderation will also help to keep the fire strong, as over-sized meals tend to be heavy and taxing to the digestive tract.
  1. Adding spices and herbs to a meal will increase digestion and weaken the effects of an improper food combination.  Spices that increase digestion include ginger, black pepper, cumin, fennel, coriander, and black mustard seed.
  1. Adding ghee to a meal is very beneficial to aid digestion.
  1. Cooking foods together is another good way to help them “get along” and reduce improper combining effects.
  1. The complete digestive process tends to take about 5-6 hours to fully complete and therefore meals should be about this amount of time apart.  This allows the digestive fire to rest and will give it a break between meals allowing it to remain robust.  When one is constantly grazing or eating meals too close to each other, not only is there typically improper food combining involved, but the agni is constantly burning and will eventually diminish due to exhaustion and overuse.

Here are some herbal remedies that will also help:

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